This Washington city was named one of the “Wealthiest Cities” in the the Entire Country

Bellevue, Washington was just named one of the “wealthiest cities” in the entire country by 24/7 Wall St. in October 2023. The ranking was based on the city’s median household income of $144,775, which is more than twice the national median. Bellevue is also home to a number of high-paying tech companies, including Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Amazon Web Services.

Other cities in Washington that were ranked among the wealthiest in the country include:

  1. Kirkland, WA: Nestled on the eastern shore of Lake Washington just north of Seattle, Kirkland is another thriving tech hub. With the presence of major companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, it’s no wonder that Kirkland boasts a median household income of $139,825. The city’s retail and hospitality sectors further contribute to its economic vitality.
  2. Sammamish, WA: Located on the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish, east of Redmond, Sammamish is another prosperous city in Washington. It’s home to tech giants like Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon, which has elevated the median household income to $138,925. Sammamish, like its neighboring cities, also benefits from a thriving retail and hospitality sector.
  3. Mercer Island, WA: Situated in Lake Washington, Mercer Island is an enclave of high-income earners, many of whom are employed in the tech industry. This city, with its median household income of $138,775, is another prime example of Washington’s affluence. A robust retail and hospitality sector only adds to its appeal.
  4. Seattle, WA: Seattle, Washington’s largest city and the county seat of King County, is a prominent player in the state’s wealth ranking. With tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing headquartered here, Seattle’s median household income stands at $138,575. The city’s retail and hospitality sectors further contribute to its economic success.
  5. Bainbridge Island, WA: Located in Puget Sound, west of Seattle, Bainbridge Island has also secured a spot among the wealthiest cities in the nation. The median household income in Bainbridge Island is $138,425, thanks to a community of high-income earners, many of whom commute to Seattle for work. The island’s strong retail and hospitality sector adds to its allure.

All of these cities share a common geographical advantage, situated in the thriving Puget Sound region. This area serves as Washington State’s economic and cultural center and is home to major tech companies, a robust retail industry, and a thriving hospitality sector. The concentration of high-income earners in the region has significantly contributed to the high median household incomes in these cities.

It’s essential to note that the cost of living in these cities is notably high, with median home prices exceeding one million dollars in Bellevue. Nevertheless, the allure of these cities lies in their high salaries and the robust regional economy. These factors continue to make the Puget Sound region an attractive place to live for those seeking prosperity and opportunities in the heart of the tech industry.

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