This Virginia City is Named as the Most Dangerous City in the State

When we think of Virginia, our minds are filled with images of breathtaking scenery, picturesque rolling hills, and precious artifacts from America’s rich past. This beautiful state has played significant roles in shaping the history of the country, and there are always more stories and perspectives to be explored in places with such a rich historical heritage.

Portsmouth Ranked As Most Dangerous City of Virginia

Located in the state of Virginia, Portsmouth is a city with a rich and complex history that dates back to 1836. Despite its historical significance, Portsmouth is unfortunately known for being the most dangerous place in Virginia at present. The high crime rate, particularly in property crime at 19.29%, is a cause for concern. In 2022, this city, with a population of almost 98,000 people, reported a staggering 4,429 crimes, including 36 homicides.

Portsmouth has a rich history dating back to 1836, making it a significant part of Virginia’s past. However, the city has recently gained attention for a more alarming reason.

Factors of Portsmouth’s High Crime Rate

Portsmouth has a poverty rate of 17.2%, indicating a significant number of individuals struggling with financial difficulties. This is a concerning figure, as it means that nearly one in six individuals in the city are experiencing monetary challenges, a high rate for a city of its size.

The average middle-income family in Portsmouth earns approximately $54,020 per year. While this amount may appear satisfactory, numerous families encounter difficulties in meeting their basic needs due to the high costs of necessities such as food, housing, and healthcare. In fact, the average annual income for individuals in the city in 2021 stands at merely $28,520, highlighting the challenges faced by residents in making ends meet. Although this figure represents the average income across the city, it provides a glimpse into the earning capacity of an average person in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth reports indicate that while 90.2% of individuals aged 25 and above have obtained a high school education, a mere 21.0% possess a bachelor’s degree or higher. As a result, a decline in high-paying job opportunities and a lack of individuals with tertiary education may result in an increase in criminal activity.

More than half of the houses in Portsmouth, specifically 55.7%, are owned by their respective owners. This indicates that a considerable number of people in the city live in rental homes. It is often observed that individuals who frequently move and lack stable living conditions are associated with high crime rates.

According to statistics, 10.8% of individuals below 65 years old do not possess health insurance. This lack of coverage can potentially result in apprehension, unaddressed mental health concerns, and substance abuse issues. Unfortunately, these factors may lead to criminal activity.


Dating back to 1836, Portsmouth is a city with a rich history. Unfortunately, it currently boasts the unsettling title of being the most dangerous city in Virginia due to its high crime rate, especially property crime. Several factors contribute to this disconcerting statistic, including poverty, low income, and a lack of education. Shockingly, more than half (55.7%) of homes are owned by their owners, and 10.8% of people under 65 lack health insurance, which only adds to the problem.

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