This City Is The Most Haunted Location in North Dakota

We can’t deny that the concept of death is intriguing to all of us. Even as we munch on our morning Fruit Loops, we tune into crime dramas and shows about gruesome murders. Our natural curiosity drives us to seek out new information, solve puzzles, and explore the unknown. And let’s be honest, there’s a certain thrill that comes from being scared out of our wits. It’s the reason why we can’t get enough of haunted houses and other spine-chilling experiences.

If you’re a fan of the supernatural, North Dakota might just be the place for you. The state is home to numerous locations where ghosts and other eerie entities are said to reside. As I delved deeper into the stories surrounding these places, I found myself particularly drawn to the darkest, creepiest, and most captivating ones. So, if you’re looking to give yourself a good scare, here’s my list of the top places to visit in North Dakota during the spooky season.

The Creepiest Place in North Dakota

Riverside Cemetary

According to popular belief, the Fargo graveyard has gained a reputation for being one of the most terrifying places in North Dakota. It is said that knocking sounds emanating from the mausoleum and voices emanating from gravestones throughout the graveyard have been reported by many. The thought of it alone is enough to give you goosebumps! However, I cannot help but wonder why people would venture into the cemetery at night. In my opinion, it seems like a surefire way to get into trouble.

Stairway to Hell

A friend of mine warned me against visiting Tagus, North Dakota, which is rumored to be the home of the infamous “Stairway to Hell”. Apparently, Tagus is a deserted small town located forty miles west of Minot, and the paranormal site is believed to be situated at an old Lutheran church. According to the source, the church was once inhabited by individuals who worshiped Satan and although the building itself no longer exists due to a fire, the legend says that the stairway to hell can still be found below its foundation.

North Dakota State University

Ceres Hall has a very dark history that involves two interconnected stories. One of the stories dates back to World War II, where a man is believed to have hung himself in the building. According to sources, students and workers have reported hearing mysterious voices, experiencing a creepy sensation of someone standing behind them, and feeling their body temperature drop rapidly. These occurrences add to the eerie atmosphere of Ceres Hall, making it a chilling place to be.

The University’s second ghost story originates from Minard Hall, where a tragic event occurred in 1920. As the story goes, a man and a woman were discovered in a dance room on the fourth floor. The following morning, a guard stumbled upon their lifeless bodies. Despite investigations, the police were never able to determine who was responsible for the deaths or why they occurred. Today, many who frequent the area claim that Minard Hall is a spooky and eerie part of campus.

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