The view from above at Trump’s Bronx rally offers a contrasting perspective on crowd size

Former President Donald Trump took great pride in highlighting the impressive turnout at Thursday’s political rally in the Bronx, as he often did. Nonetheless, ABC7’s Jim Dolan, in a local New York evening news report, presented an alternative perspective on the attendance numbers and the composition of the crowd.

The segment provided a refreshingly insightful perspective on the rally, which was a stark departure from the usual cable news content that often gets caught up in partisan emotions or fails to question those in positions of power with audacious assertions.

During the protest against Trump, Dolan highlighted the opinions of Bronx locals. One participant expressed, “First of all, he’s a big fat bigot and he lacks any love for people of color or those in the LGBTQ+ community.” Another protester denounced Trump as a “crook, liar, and cheat” who manipulates others for financial gain.

However, when viewers saw the b-roll footage of the event during Dolan’s report, it presented a starkly contrasting image to Trump’s claims about the size of the crowd.

Dolan then shifted the focus towards the home states of the pro-Trump rally attendees, with the assistance of an unidentified professor who remarked, “They have all come from out of state. Take a look at all of them. It’s quite astonishing to see the diversity of their origins – Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas.”

Dolan came across a Trump supporter at the rally, but it turned out that the supporter was not from The Bronx, but rather from Queens.

According to Dolan’s report, Donald Trump can now claim that he organized a rally in the South Bronx, which is known for its immigrant and minority communities. However, it remains uncertain whether the attendees were actually from the Bronx. The campaign had full control over who was allowed in, ensuring that only supporters were present at the event.

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