The significance of driving without alcohol during the holiday weekend emphasized by ALEA

As the 4th of July celebrations wind down, holiday travel is still in full swing across the Tennessee Valley. As such, officials are urging people to prioritize safety and make sure they are driving sober. This reminder comes as a crucial step towards reducing the number of accidents and keeping our roads safe for everyone.

AAA reports that more than 60 million individuals will be hitting the road this holiday weekend. It is crucial to prioritize responsibility while traveling during this time.

The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that during the July 4th Holiday weekend in 2022, almost 500 individuals lost their lives in traffic accidents, and 40% of these fatalities were caused by drunk driving.

According to Senior Trooper Brandon Bailey of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, driving under the influence can have an immediate and life-changing impact on all parties involved.

Bailey cautioned against the dangers of drinking and driving, emphasizing the risks it poses to both physical and mental capabilities. “It’s a dangerous thing to operate a vehicle under the influence,” he stated. “Drinking alters your abilities, putting yourself and others at risk.”

This holiday weekend, the Huntsville Police Department is taking extra precautions to promote safe travel by implementing a series of active DUI checkpoints. Although ALEA will have troopers patrolling the roadways throughout the state, the Huntsville Police Department is adding an extra layer of security to ensure the safety of all travelers.

In his message, Bailey emphasized the importance of driving sober in order to preserve lives. The senior trooper’s ultimate goal is for everyone to enjoy a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. However, if you plan on consuming alcohol, he strongly recommends having a designated driver to ensure a safe return home.

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Bailey, in an interview with News 19, emphasized the indirect impact of one’s actions on other people’s lives. It is crucial to bear in mind that the choices we make can affect others, especially on the road during the holidays. Bailey urges drivers to consider the safety and well-being of everyone on the roadway who is trying to return home to their loved ones.

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