The Scots Guard Halts to Conduct a Formal Inspection and Pay Homage to Frank the Small Soldier.

Meet Frank, a soldier with a true passion for the King’s Guard. He has become a social media sensation, earning the title of the “youngest recruit” thanks to his TikTok channel with almost 300,000 followers. Frank’s bio line reads, “My name is Frank, and I love the Royal Guard,” and his viral videos have gained him internet fame. Despite the generally serious demeanor of the King’s Guardsmen, who can be reprimanded for even smiling, Frank has been welcomed into the fold with open arms and a heartwarming sense of camaraderie.

Every day, the Ceremony of the Word takes place as a tradition to pass on the day’s password for after-hours entry to the Tower of London. During the procession, the guards halt and inspect Frank, a soldier, exchange a few words, and resume their march. Frank, who looks up to the guards, walks behind them, struggling to match their pace with his little legs. As they march, Frank turns to his father, who is filming the event, and proudly asks, “Did you see him salute me?”

Frank Gates hails from Egremont and takes great pride in his collection of military uniforms. Amongst them all, his favorite is the King’s Guard uniform. Frank’s attention to detail is commendable, from the medals adorning his chest to the plume on his bearskin hat. During an inspection by the Scots Guard, they questioned Frank on why he was dressed as a Coldstream Guard instead of a Scots Guard. It’s worth noting that the King’s Guard comprises five divisions, each with a specific role within the Royal Guard. Frank’s admiration for the Coldstream Guards is evident in his choice of uniform, as he believes they are unparalleled.

Frank The Soldier Is Well-Known In London

Frank has been captured in hundreds of videos as he interacts with the Guardsmen. He stands at attention while the men carry out their duties, and he is often seen performing flag-bearing duties during local parades. Frank has won the hearts of both the Guards and the local police, who have even provided him with police uniforms. It’s worth noting that this remarkable young man has assisted His Majesty King Charles III himself.

If you’re ever in London and spot Frank, the miniature soldier, please refrain from interrupting him while he’s on duty guarding the crown. His commitment to serving the country is unwavering, and it’s evident that he has found his true calling. Hats off to his family for encouraging him to pursue his passion at such a young age. We have no doubt that Frank will one day don a genuine King’s Guard uniform, but for now, he must wait until he is old enough to submit a formal application.

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