The national impact of Michigan’s “uncommitted” movement

Critics of President Joe Biden’s policy toward Israel and Gaza are now broadening their primary campaign beyond Michigan, seeking to gather more support from undecided voters.

A coalition consisting of Palestinian, peace, and progressive groups made a plea to the voters of Michigan, urging them to cast “uncommitted” ballots in the Democratic presidential primary held in February. This call to action was in response to the policies and statements made by the Biden administration in support of Israel’s military actions in Gaza. Surprisingly, over 100,000 voters heeded this call and cast their votes accordingly.

Layla Elabed, from the “Listen to Michigan” campaign, emphasized that this is not just a niche issue but rather an anti-war campaign aimed at putting an end to a genocide that is widely unpopular in the United States. Elabed, who happens to be the sister of U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI 12), made it clear that their focus is on raising awareness and taking action against this grave injustice.

On Monday, the coalition made an exciting announcement about the introduction of the Uncommitted National Movement. Their upcoming focus will be on the Wisconsin Democratic presidential primary taking place on April 2. Additionally, they are actively working on mobilizing the uncommitted delegates who have been chosen during the primary process, in preparation for the Democratic National Convention later this summer.

According to organizers, the Israeli military is being enabled to commit atrocities by the Biden administration, while Israel maintains that it is acting in self-defense.

According to spokesperson Abbas Alawieh, the movement is urging Biden to back a lasting ceasefire and halt military assistance to Israel.

Alawieh expressed their strong message to President Biden, urging him to cease funding the destruction of their families.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, Israel’s offensive has resulted in the deaths of at least 31,726 Palestinians. The ministry’s count includes both civilians and combatants, with women and children comprising two-thirds of the fatalities.

During Hamas’ attack into southern Israel on October 7, Palestinian militants were responsible for the deaths of approximately 1,200 individuals. Additionally, they took around 250 people hostage. Currently, it is believed that Hamas still holds around 100 captives, along with the remains of 30 others. Most of the remaining hostages were released during a cease-fire last year.

The Associated Press reports that the war has forced approximately 80% of Gaza’s population to flee from their homes.

According to a report released on Monday, the situation in northern Gaza is dire, with 70% of the population facing catastrophic hunger. The report further warns that if the war continues to escalate, half of Gaza’s total population could be on the verge of starvation.

The international community’s authority on determining the severity of hunger crises has released a report, adding to the mounting pressure on Israel to improve the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip and to open additional land crossings. Aid groups are expressing their dissatisfaction with the slow and inadequate deliveries of aid by the U.S. and other countries through air and sea routes.

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