The Freedom Caucus Urges Action to Address Illegal Immigration

Aiming to take a tougher stance on illegal immigration, a handful of lawmakers in Michigan are pushing for stricter measures.

Recently, a package of five bills and a resolution was introduced by the Michigan House Freedom Caucus. The aim of this package is to criminalize the inaction on illegal immigration. State Representatives Neil Friske, Steve Carra, Matt Maddock, and James DeSana, announced the package, with an objective to address this pressing issue.

Friske stated that the government’s inaction has left them with no choice but to take matters into their own hands. The current situation involves an unprecedented influx of migrants crossing the international borders, while the authorities seem to prioritize the demands of radical protestors over enforcing immigration laws. Friske believes that if the federal government won’t take necessary measures such as closing the border and initiating mass deportations, then it’s up to them to safeguard their communities by doing everything possible.

Michigan law enforcement officers would be mandated to abide by all federal laws relating to the U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement, under the proposed bill package. Any non-compliance with federal immigration policies would be considered a punishable offense, while inquiries about legal status for official purposes would be permitted.

Carra argues that the current system is promoting illegal immigration through the use of taxpayer-funded programs while discouraging legal immigration due to bureaucratic red tape. Instead, he believes that we should encourage legal immigration by eliminating caps and putting an end to mass migration by discontinuing the use of incentives for illegal immigration.

A state with a Democratic-majority legislature in both chambers is unlikely to pass the package, but its significance extends beyond state lines. A Gallup poll conducted in February revealed that immigration is currently the most pressing policy issue to Americans, with 28% of respondents expressing this view. The government and the economy followed closely, at 20% and 12%, respectively. Notably, this is the first time since 2019 that immigration has topped the polls, reflecting the growing concern among citizens on this issue.

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