The family of Ruby Garcia disputes Trump’s claims about her murder and its connection to the border debate.

In the recent case, we saw Laken Riley in Georgia being thrust into the political spotlight. Now, another woman named Ruby Garcia from Michigan has unfortunately met a similar fate. Authorities believe that she was killed by her undocumented partner. This incident has once again caught the attention of former President Donald Trump.

Garcia’s case didn’t generate much national attention until Trump recently took an interest in it. However, this incident aligns with a recurring pattern of the former president capitalizing on high-profile stories involving undocumented individuals as part of his campaign strategy, which heavily emphasizes the immigration issue.

During a speech in Michigan on Tuesday, President Trump brought attention to the tragic death of Garcia. Critics argue that by doing so, he is politicizing her murder. Additionally, Garcia’s sister has contradicted Trump’s claim that he spoke with the family, stating that this is not true.

Immigration has always been a core element of Trump’s political identity, and he has consistently focused on crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

During his initial presidential campaign announcement in 2016 at Trump Tower in New York City, Trump made a controversial statement regarding immigration. He asserted that when Mexico sends individuals to the United States, they are not sending their most exceptional citizens. Instead, he claimed that they are bringing drugs, engaging in criminal activities, and perpetrating acts of rape. However, he also acknowledged that there may be some individuals who are good and law-abiding.

Former President frequently centers his attention on the most sensational criminal cases. Garcia suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was abandoned on the roadside.

According to Graham Ousey, a professor at William & Mary who co-wrote the book “Immigration and Crime: Taking Stock,” there is evidence that suggests undocumented immigrants do not commit crimes at higher rates than the general population. In fact, some studies even indicate that they may commit crimes at lower rates, although the available data is limited. Ousey also notes that these trends apply to violent crimes as well.

According to Ousey, the notion of immigration causing a crime wave is a political issue that is being used for a particular agenda. However, he argues that the available evidence does not support the claim that there is an increase in crime due to immigration, whether it is documented or undocumented.

Data on homicides: Laken Riley’s death garnered media attention, but it is important to note that undocumented migrants actually have a lower rate of committing homicides.

Voters are expressing their concerns about immigration and crime through various polls. President Trump is strategically focusing on these issues, aiming to address them effectively.

According to GOP strategist John Yob, the matter has the potential to sway soft Republican voters in suburban areas, specifically “soccer moms” who prioritize public safety. These voters, who may have been disenchanted by Trump and events like the January 6th, 2021 attack on the Capitol by his supporters, as well as Republican initiatives to limit abortion, could be won over by Trump’s stance on this issue.

“The swing voting soccer moms have transformed into security moms, prioritizing the safety of their families as they witness the influx of illegal immigrants into their communities and the subsequent rise in violent crimes,” expressed Yob, a seasoned GOP consultant with substantial experience in Michigan GOP politics and various presidential campaigns.

During the Grand Rapids event, Trump reiterated those comments, stating that “suburban housewives actually like Donald Trump. You know why? Because I will be the one who ensures their safety.”

Trump delivered a speech in Michigan that was promoted as “remarks on Biden’s border bloodbath,” accompanied by a website launched by the Republican National Committee, focusing on the same topic.

Surrounded by law enforcement officers in uniform on Tuesday at the Grand Rapids Convention Center, Trump reiterated his previous remarks about crimes committed by undocumented immigrants, referring to it as “a new form of crime, it’s called migrant crime.”

According to Trump, the appropriate name for it would be “Biden migrant crime,” but he argued that it is too lengthy.

Biden has been criticized by Trump for his alleged inaction in addressing illegal immigration. In response, Biden has highlighted his support for bipartisan border legislation, which Trump opposed.

“He has arrived in our community with the intention of instilling fear, hatred, and division,” Scholten expressed. “At a time when we are confronted with an immense crisis at our southern border, what we truly require is unity, bipartisan cooperation, and individuals who are willing to set aside political theatrics in order to achieve tangible results.”

Garcia’s case gained traction in the local media in west Michigan but didn’t attract much attention at the national level until Tuesday.

Ortiz-Vite arrived in the country as a child without legal documentation. He later obtained legal status through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which unfortunately expired in 2019. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported his deportation in 2020, but he managed to re-enter the United States illegally at an undisclosed time.

On Tuesday, Trump asserted that Joe Biden had reinstated the individual whom they had previously expelled from the country.

Scholten expressed deep concern and shock over Trump’s attempt to politicize Garcia’s death. He highlighted the fact that Garcia was a victim of domestic violence and that her alleged killer illegally obtained the weapon. Such disregard for these crucial details is deeply unsettling and horrifying.

The speaker emphasized the importance of discussing the offender’s lack of proper authorization in the country. However, she also highlighted that Ruby Garcia’s death was a result of both domestic violence and the possession of a firearm by an unauthorized individual.

Scholten highlighted the issue of domestic violence against women, emphasizing that there is not the same level of public outrage compared to other forms of violence.

She added that it is quite revealing that they are attempting to politicize the immigration aspect of this issue, as that is the only aspect they seem to be discussing.

Garcia’s sister took to Facebook to vent her frustration, stating that her sister’s death had been turned into a political issue. She expressed her hope that reporters would stop using her sister’s story for political gain. Similarly, Riley’s father also voiced concerns about the politicization of her death in an interview. He felt that she was being used for political purposes. However, it is worth noting that other members of her family had appeared with Trump at a rally in Georgia just last month.

Trump claimed on Tuesday that he had spoken with members of Garcia’s family, but her sister refuted this statement in interviews with FOX17 and Target 8 television stations.

Mavi Garcia, in an interview with Target 8, expressed her shock at the false claim made by the person, who stated that he had spoken with them when in reality he had not communicated with any of them.

Mavi Garcia also seemed to raise doubts about Trump’s emphasis on crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

“It has always revolved around the issue of illegal immigrants,” she expressed. “It’s quite surprising that he solely focuses on this aspect, while disregarding the instances where Americans commit heinous crimes. What about those American citizens who engage in such atrocious acts?”

During his speech, Trump not only emphasized the tragic death of Garcia, but also briefly touched upon another murder committed by an undocumented immigrant in western Michigan. Luis Bernal-Sosa was convicted in February for the murder of Leah Gomez. According to a statement from ICE, Bernal-Sosa was found to be in the country illegally.

Ousey emphasized that while Garcia’s death is undoubtedly tragic, it is important not to stereotype or demonize a group based on Ortiz-Vite’s immigration status.

According to Ousey, it is incorrect and regrettable to imply that a person’s immigration status is a determining factor in their behavior.

Yob emphasized the importance of giving attention to the murders.

He expressed his concern over the two murders that occurred in West Michigan, emphasizing that even one murder is one too many. He firmly believes that illegal immigrants should not have the right to be in our community, as it poses a threat to the safety and security of our voters in their own backyards.

Pollster Doug Kaplan asserts that Democrats may underestimate the significance of immigration as a political issue, highlighting the widespread endorsement for constructing a border wall.

According to Kaplan, despite people initially mocking Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall, more than 50% of the population now supports the concept.

Kaplan, however, has doubts about whether college-educated women voters will be swayed by the issue, despite the Republicans’ hopes.

Kaplan contemplates whether suburban women will prioritize Trump’s scandals or Biden’s policy issues like democracy and women’s rights. The outcome remains uncertain.

Trump’s inclusion of Ruby Garcia’s murder in the border debate has been called into question by her family, who believe he is spreading falsehoods about the incident.

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