The Enormous Debts of Donald Trump Pose an Increased Threat

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According to co-hosts Andy Levy and Danielle Moodie on The New Abnormal, Donald Trump is starting the general election cycle with over $500 million in debt. This substantial amount of debt only adds to the danger posed by Trump.

To see evidence of this, just take a look at his recent change of stance on whether the United States should prohibit TikTok.

Jeff Yass, a hedge fund manager with a $33 billion stake in TikTok, has had a significant influence on Trump’s changing perspective towards the social media platform, according to sources close to the President.

According to a source familiar with the matter, Jeff Yass was able to influence Trump. The source mentioned that they are unsure of the exact intentions behind this, but they believe that this issue will eventually be resolved. The source also acknowledged that they understand why Trump made this decision, as Yass has committed to providing substantial financial support for the presidential race.

Moodie emphasized that this is just one more illustration of how a potential second Trump administration could turn into a nightmarish scenario filled with corruption.

According to Moodie, Trump always gravitates towards money and power. This has led Moodie to believe that Trump has become even more dangerous than before.

NewsNation contributor Kurt Bardella joins the program to discuss the state of the 2024 presidential election and how American journalism has failed to adapt to changing norms. He highlights the repeated generation of headlines by some Republicans with falsehoods, suggesting a coordinated attempt to mislead the public.

According to Bardella, media outlets are often willing to prioritize mass coverage of stories, even if it means spreading false information. For instance, he mentions the narrative about Biden not remembering when his son died. Despite the potential for inaccuracies, these outlets are willing to accept one day of correction in exchange for weeks of saturation coverage.

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