The Dilemma of a Senior Golden Retriever: Mom or a Burger?

When this golden retriever mom attempted the “rock, paper, scissors” food challenge with a mouthwatering burger, she was in for a heartwarming surprise. In case you’re not familiar with this trending social media sensation, it’s a fun game where two participants engage in an intense rock, paper, scissors showdown for a chance to enjoy a fast food feast. In each round, the victor savors as many delectable bites as possible, while the defeated player must complete a designated distance by running back and forth.

When it comes to devouring a meal, Mackenzie Cann thought her dog would excel at the game. After all, what golden retriever wouldn’t enjoy gobbling up a burger while their owner’s back is turned? However, much to Mackenzie’s surprise, her 13-year-old dog showed no interest in the unattended food when she started running. Instead, his gaze was fixed on her, patiently waiting for her return.

This senior golden retriever is stealing hearts online.

People were deeply moved by the fact that the golden retriever didn’t eat the burger until his owner returned.

“He picked you instead of the food,” one person remarked.

Some people playfully remarked that their own pets wouldn’t have displayed the same thoughtfulness!

One user commented, “The way my dog would gobble up the burger before the video even started.”

Another person chimed in, saying, “If I had given that to my dog, he would have devoured it along with the paper!”

Here’s a video from couple Rainney and Neen that gives you a glimpse of how the rock, paper, scissors challenge typically unfolds. In the clip, the husband and wife are determined to outsmart each other in order to claim the burger, fries, and shake on the table. Please note that there is some NSFW language, although it may be difficult to hear amidst their mouthfuls of food!

In the rock, paper, scissors challenge, Mackenzie’s senior golden retriever didn’t win the burger, but he definitely won his mom’s heart. Later on, the owner mentioned in another post that she and her furry friend shared the meal together.

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