Testimony resumes in trial of former police officer charged with killing teenager following emotionally charged day in court.

In July 2022, Susana Morales was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by Miles Bryant, a former Doraville police officer, according to prosecutors.

During his testimony in court on Thursday, Lt. Xavier Biggers from the Gwinnett County Police Department became emotional as he recounted his determination to locate the missing teenager.

Biggers shared that his wife is of Hispanic descent, and the experience of searching for her ancestors deeply moved him. He felt a sense of responsibility to uncover her family history.

According to the prosecution’s claims, Bryant is accused of kidnapping Morales as she left her friend’s house in Norcross. Bryant, who was residing and employed as a security officer at the apartment complex, allegedly proposed a ride to the nearby gas station to Morales and her friend, Rose Castillo. However, the teenagers refused the offer.

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