Tennessee enacts new law that alters parental rights, denounces ‘debanking’ and introduces other changes

As part of our ongoing coverage, we wanted to inform you about some new laws that came into effect on July 1st in Jackson, Tennessee.

Starting this month, Tennessee can expect a series of new laws from the General Assembly. One such law is the ‘Family Rights and Responsibility Act’ which lays out 12 essential rights of parents.

Representative Chris Todd emphasized that under this bill, the fundamental right of parents to direct and make decisions regarding their child’s upbringing, education, healthcare, and mental health cannot be infringed upon by the government, any government entity, or government employee.

A newly implemented law safeguards individuals from being ‘debanked’ based on their political or religious views. This legislation clearly prohibits any form of discrimination where an individual may face the withdrawal of banking facilities or account access due to their beliefs or values.

Representative Todd explained that financial institutions and insurance companies are prohibited from denying or terminating services based on a person’s political opinions or personal religious beliefs, among other non-quantitative or impartial factors. This includes risk-based standards, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and equally.

The bill encompasses not only the policies of a board but also the crucial aspect of environmental social governance.

The upcoming law mandates the deployment of student resource officers to enhance the security of schools.

According to Rep. Todd, although certain schools or districts have expressed their disinterest in having School Resource Officers (SROs) present, this new legislation allows law enforcement agencies to override these decisions to a certain extent. The bill aims to provide protection to schools that are currently without SROs due to budget constraints or other factors.

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Consumers are safeguarded by additional laws when they intend to buy firearms, ammunition, or related products using credit or debit cards. This rule prevents companies from dictating what goods can be purchased and what cannot.

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