Tennessee Attorney General Investigating Foreclosure Attempt on Graceland

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti has expressed his interest in investigating the recent attempt to sell Graceland, the iconic Memphis home of Elvis Presley.

In a recent development, Chancellor JoeDae L. Jenkins of Chancery Court has put a hold on the sale of the renowned estate, responding to Riley Keough’s legal suit. Keough, who is the granddaughter of Lisa Marie Presley and the rightful inheritor of the mansion, filed a 60-page lawsuit to prevent Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC from proceeding with the sale.

In a press release on Thursday, May 23, Skrmetti expressed the significance of Graceland as one of Tennessee’s most iconic landmarks. He acknowledged the Presley family’s generosity in sharing the property with the world since Elvis’s passing. The statement coincided with the scheduled foreclosure auction of the property.

“According to him, Elvis Presley turned Memphis into the epicenter of the music world, and Graceland serves as a tribute to his lasting impact and a cherished memory for his family. He further stated that his office has been dedicated to combating fraud against homeowners for many years, and there is no place in Tennessee that holds a greater place in people’s hearts than Graceland.”

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In a recent statement, he expressed his concerns about the allegations and stated, “I have instructed my legal team to thoroughly investigate this matter, ascertain the complete scope of any wrongdoing that may have taken place, and find ways to safeguard the interests of Elvis Presley’s heirs and other individuals who might face similar threats.”

Keough filed a lawsuit in response to Naussany’s claim that her mother, Lisa Marie, borrowed $3.8 million and provided a deed of trust encumbering Graceland as security before her death in January 2023.

According to the legal document reviewed by PEOPLE, the star of “Daisy Jones & the Six” stated that the note and deed of trust are fraudulent and unenforceable.

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According to her, the note and deed of trust that were presented are fraudulent and were likely forged by individuals involved in their creation.

In addition to halting the sale of Graceland, the hearing on Wednesday, where Jenkins expressed concerns over the potential “loss” of Graceland causing “irreparable harm,” also resulted in a trial delay until Naussany can present a defense against Keough’s allegations.

According to Paul Golden, a partner at Coffey Modica who specializes in real estate and commercial litigation in New York, there are allegations that both the signature of Lisa Marie Presley and the signature of the notary public are fraudulent or manipulated. If these claims are proven true, it could potentially lead to various federal crimes. It’s important to note that Golden is not directly involved in the Graceland case.

According to the expert, if someone is involved in activities like forging documents or creating fake notarizations, these actions could be considered as a form of identity theft.

According to Golden, there is a possibility that mail fraud or wire fraud may be involved in this situation, depending on how they utilize the financial system to carry out their actions. He emphasizes that the guilty party could face imprisonment or be subjected to a fine.

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