Teenage girl confesses to experiencing remorse, shame, and self-loathing following the fatal stabbing of her mother, whom she accused of confiscating her phone.

Lataya Powell is seen expressing feelings of “guilt” during questioning by a reporter after her arrest on March 29, 2024.

A tragic incident unfolded in Pennsylvania when a 13-year-old girl allegedly took the life of her own mother in broad daylight last Friday. As she was being escorted into a police van, the young girl openly expressed her emotions of remorse, guilt, and self-disgust to a reporter present at the scene.

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The Wilkes-Barre Police Department arrived at the scene on Good Friday, responding to a call just after 12:30 p.m. At Powell’s South Sherman Street residence, they discovered Powell’s mother in a nonresponsive state.

According to the police, the preliminary investigation revealed that the victim, a 44-year-old individual, had sustained visible injuries to the torso and head and was unresponsive. At the scene, authorities also found a second victim and the suspect. The second victim was taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

The 11-year-old boy, who managed to survive the stabbing attack, was discovered injured on a couch within the residence.

The suspect, however, was reportedly discovered sitting on a bedroom floor with blood stains on her hands.

According to a report by WBRE/WYOU, the police affidavit stated that Powell admitted that the victim had taken her phone before they got into a heated argument, which ultimately resulted in a tragic outcome.

“I don’t have my phone because my mom took it before our fight,” the 13-year-old reportedly expressed at the scene. She is also alleged to have exclaimed, “I don’t know how people can do stuff like this and not feel bad about it.” Furthermore, she is accused of uttering remorseful statements such as, “I’m the reason my mom is dead” and “I killed my mom, and she’ll never forgive me if she is alive.”

According to The Citizens’ Voice, Powell made a statement saying, “I deserve to be in jail.”

Cameras from the local news affiliates were also rolling when Powell was apprehended. Reporter Gianna Galli approached the suspect, holding up her microphone, and asked him directly, “Do you have any emotion at all?”

Powell openly expressed feelings of regret, guilt, and self-disgust.

The young defendant, who is being charged as an adult for homicide, will also need to defend against charges of aggravated assault and evidence tampering.

Powell is facing an evidence tampering charge, which seems to be based on his alleged confession of discarding the murder weapon in front of a neighboring house.

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