Teen last seen in 1969 finally identified with the help of 9/11 victim’s DNA

In 2003, construction workers in Midtown Manhattan stumbled upon a disturbing find while demolishing the concrete floor of a basement – the remains of a teenage girl.

According to NBC New York, New York cold case detectives have been able to identify the girl thanks to genetic genealogy and the DNA of a 9/11 victim. The girl’s name is Patricia Kathleen McGlone of Brooklyn, and she was last seen alive in 1969 at the age of 16.

The authorities are now aiming to identify the perpetrator responsible for the tragic death of the teenager.

Detective Ryan Glas emphasized the importance of having the victim’s name in any investigation, especially a homicide case. He explained that having this information provides a crucial starting point for the investigation.

McGlone’s remains were discovered in the basement of Hell’s Kitchen, which used to be the location of Steve Paul’s The Scene. This renowned music venue was frequented by legendary musicians like Jimi Hendrix and the Doors. Interestingly, the club closed down in 1969, the very year that McGlone went missing.

McGlone was raised in a Catholic family in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, as reported by the NBC affiliate. Information regarding the specifics of her disappearance is currently unavailable.

Construction workers preparing the building for demolition made a surprising discovery on Feb. 10, 2003. They cracked open a slab of concrete and found something unexpected – the missing teenager.

According to The New York Times, the medical examiner quickly concluded that McGlone’s death was a homicide.

Authorities were able to gather additional information from McGlone’s remains. The costly dental work she had received indicated that her family had a decent financial status. Nevertheless, her teeth also displayed considerable decay, suggesting that she may have faced financial difficulties later in her life.

According to the website , the only clothing discovered were McGlone’s underwear, along with fragments of glittery clothing.

During the investigation, a 1966 Bulova watch and a gold ring with the initials “PMcG” engraved on it were discovered. The presence of these items, along with a dime from the 1960s found near the remains, provided an approximate timeframe for when the victim might have been buried in the concrete.

According to the Doe Network, the presence of a plastic toy soldier suggested that the girl may have become a mother prior to her untimely demise.

Authorities have been unable to definitively establish the exact time of McGlone’s death. However, they believe it occurred within a few years of her disappearance.

Despite numerous attempts, detectives were unsuccessful in identifying Midtown Jane Doe. In their pursuit to solve the case, they even featured her in a segment on “America’s Most Wanted” in August 2004, as reported by the New York Daily News. However, despite these efforts, no fruitful results were obtained.

Genetic genealogy emerged as a breakthrough in the field.

According to the New York Post, Glas from the NYPD Crime Lab’s Forensics Investigations Division stated that the family tree was generated using forensic investigative genealogy. The hit from the analysis was received in early 2023.

According to The Post, investigators have discovered a family connection between McGlone and a 90-year-old woman residing in Florida. This elderly woman happens to be a distant maternal cousin of the victim. During her conversation with detectives, she recalled her sister babysitting young cousins back in the 1960s when she was living in Brooklyn.

Investigators speculate that one of those children might have been McGlone, who would have turned 71 years old if she were alive today.

According to the newspaper, Glas revealed that the investigation was redirected to New York based on information provided by the Florida relative. It was in New York where they made a surprising discovery of a second DNA connection.

Detectives confirmed McGlone’s identity by establishing a connection between her and a woman named Patricia who tragically lost her life in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The authorities have not disclosed the identity of the 9/11 victim or the nature of her relationship with McGlone.

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