Suspect allegedly burglarizes Cobb County home on two occasions, making off with over 20 firearms

A man in north Georgia was apprehended by officers for allegedly breaking into a Cobb County residence on two separate occasions with the intention of stealing firearms.

On March 17, a resident of Cobb County discovered that their home on Sunshine Trace had been burglarized while they were out of town. The police reported that a total of 12 firearms, including both handguns and rifles, were stolen from the residence.

On April 8, James Daniel Leech, the man previously involved in a theft, was spotted returning to the same house for another attempted robbery. This time, he managed to steal 10 guns, as reported by the police.

During the period between the initial and subsequent thefts, the homeowner took proactive measures by installing security cameras, enabling them to obtain a more accurate identification of Leech.

On April 21, the Hiawassee police received a tip regarding Leech, who was living in the area and was believed to have recently burglarized a home in Greenwood County, South Carolina.

During the search of Leech’s residence, authorities discovered several of the stolen firearms that were taken from the home on Sunshine Trace. Additionally, they came across a variety of suspicious and illegal animal parts.

During the investigation, law enforcement officers also discovered various pawn tickets to shops located in Georgia. Additionally, they came across a collection of different gun parts.

Leech has been taken into custody and is now facing multiple charges. These charges include two counts of burglary, two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of illegal birds, and unlawful possession of firearms or weapons. Leech has been booked into Cobb County jail.

According to officers, there is a possibility that he could face additional charges.

Caitline Robertson, Leech’s wife, was also taken into custody during the search. However, she has been released on bond since then.

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