Surprising Reaction of Baby Trying Peas for the First Time Defies Expectations

When this adorable little girl tasted green peas for the very first time, she didn’t quite take a liking to them. However, she handled the whole experience with utmost bravery and resilience.

Tyiesha, a mother, has been documenting her journey with her daughter, Leila-Charm, on the popular TikTok page growingupwithleila. Through her posts, she shares the significant milestones and everyday moments of her now 6-month-old baby. However, it is her video capturing Leila-Charm’s first encounter with peas that has captured the hearts of many fans.

In the video, Tyiesha offers a spoonful of the green mush to Leila, who appears incredibly enthusiastic. As soon as Leila takes a bite, she recoils in disgust, but finds the unpleasant taste absolutely amusing.

Mom Says Her Baby Is Very Adventurous With New Food

The baby giggles as she chokes on the peas, and her mom bursts into laughter. Tyiesha also displayed her super-sense at the end of the video. Despite laughing so hard that her eyes were shut, she still instinctively knew when Leila was about to spit out the peas, and she quickly extended her hand to catch it.

“I’m a new mom and I love capturing moments of my baby girl on video,” Tyiesha shared with Newsweek. “She’s such a photogenic little one. Ever since she started exploring new foods, I can’t help but turn on the camera and record her every move because her personality shines through.”

According to Tyiesha, her baby has been quite adventurous when it comes to trying solid foods. Although the taste may not always be to her liking, her baby’s curiosity motivates her to continue introducing new foods.

“I face difficulties in selecting foods for her that will help develop her taste preferences. I want her to have a wide range of food options and not hesitate to try new things in the future.”

In just one week of being posted, the video has almost reached 2 million views. Tyiesha wasn’t shocked by its viral success.

“I believe its popularity stems from its genuine authenticity,” she expressed. “It resonated with many individuals, evoking memories of the cherished moments they experienced with their own children during that tender age.”

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