Supporters and nurses gather at statehouse to advocate for life-saving bill

Nurses gathered at the Ohio Statehouse on Friday to rally for better work environments and raise awareness about the mental health challenges they face. The event, which coincided with International Nurses Week and Mental Health Awareness Month, aimed to shed light on the alarming rates of nurse suicides.

Nurses are urging for the swift passing of House Bill 285, which mandates the implementation of registered nurse staffing plans in hospitals. They are determined to ensure that their demands are met before any more lives are lost within the healthcare system.

Tristian Kate, a nurse from Ohio, tragically ended her own life in August 2023 due to the overwhelming workload she had been dealing with.

Dozens of nurses, lawmakers, and general supporters joined her family at the rally.

“Tristian Kate’s sister, Sarah Smith, described her as someone who was passionate about correcting injustices and speaking up when she felt something was wrong. Tristian always stood out from the crowd with her bold and outspoken nature.”

After Kate’s passing, her family came across a heartfelt letter she had written titled “A Letter to My Abuser.” In this poignant message, she shed light on the challenges she encountered as a nurse.

Nurse Erica, a nurse advocate from Nevada with nearly 1 million followers on social media, was deeply moved by the letter. She joined the rally to show her support, along with other healthcare workers.

Erica expressed her admiration for the author’s ability to vividly depict the experiences of nurses, describing it as powerful and poignant. According to Erica, every nurse who read the piece could relate to it, even without knowing the author’s personal background.

Supporters of HB 285 argue that addressing nursing staffing issues should not be limited to the concern of healthcare workers alone. They emphasize that it is a matter that should be of universal importance and interest.

Smith expressed his belief that passing House Bill 285 is a crucial step in the overall improvement of the healthcare system. He emphasized that the bill is not only beneficial for nurses, but also for the well-being of patients and the healthcare industry as a whole.

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