Students from Reno Davidson Academy emerge victorious in Nevada math competition

A group of Mathletes from Davidson Academy in Reno emerged victorious in the Nevada State MATHCOUNTS Competition, securing the first-place position.

Carol Smith-Nichols, from Davidson Academy in Reno, served as their coach.

Julian Kuang, a talented eighth grader from Davidson Academy in Reno, emerged as the highest-ranking individual in the competition.

The four highest-ranking mathletes from Nevada have been selected to participate in the prestigious 2024 Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Competition, which will be held in Washington D.C. from May 11 to May 13.

The four highest-ranking math students in Nevada are Julian Kuang, who attends Davidson Academy in Reno; Maxwell Tsai, who is enrolled in Davidson Academy Online in Las Vegas; Culhan Ma, a student at Tao Homeschool in Las Vegas; and a student from The Adelson School, also located in Las Vegas.

The MATHCOUNTS Competition attracts over 100,000 students nationwide each year, making it one of the largest math competitions in the country. Its primary objective is to foster confidence and develop problem-solving abilities among students, ultimately preparing them for successful careers in the fields of STEM.

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