Spring Pet Contest: Find the Perfect Seasonal Companion!

These adorable animals, ranging from cuddly Labrador Retrievers to playful Chorkies, and gentle German Shepherds to sassy calico cats, have won the hearts of readers within our community and beyond.

Readers now have the opportunity to vote online and determine which pet will be crowned the esteemed title of “2024 Crenshaw Animal Clinic Super Spring Pet of the Season.” The lucky winner will be awarded a specially curated prize package worth $250.00, filled with a delightful array of pet-themed treats and goodies.

Every year, the community gets the chance to choose a “Pet of the Year” and the excitement doesn’t stop there! The stakes are higher, and the grand prize is absolutely amazing. So, for all the animal lovers out there, make sure to stay tuned for upcoming voting opportunities and remember to cast your vote, share, and like! The voting period will end on May 13.

Introducing the captivating participants:

Cash, a beloved lab, is hailed as the “bestest boy” by his owners.

Meet Dr. Pepper, the Chorkie who is undergoing training to become a service dog.

Judo, the miniature Schnauzer, is like a diligent alarm system for her home, always on high alert and with a keen sense of awareness.

Max and Blue are two Labrador Retrievers who share a love for scrambled eggs and their owners.

Meet Camo, the calico cat who earned her name from her remarkable talent for seamlessly blending in with a leopard print comforter.

Marley Mae is a terrier who absolutely loves taking baths.

Bo, the Lhasa Apso, is the embodiment of love and affection. He takes great pleasure in showering his family with affectionate gestures.

Meet Lady, a remarkable mix of German Shepherd and Bulldog who exemplifies unwavering loyalty to her human family.

Meet Drax, the resilient German Shepherd who has managed to thrive despite suffering a head injury when he was just a puppy.

Willow is a silver Labrador Retriever who is an expert at taking naps. She can rival Rip Van Winkle when it comes to sleeping soundly. In addition to her impressive napping abilities, Willow also has a mischievous side and loves to annoy her fellow canine and feline siblings.

T Bone, a delightful blend of Black Mouth Cur and Mastiff, was abandoned and left to fend for himself. However, his luck has taken a turn for the better, and he is now living a life filled with joy and comfort.

Meet Noel, the indoor feline who has a unique passion for bird watching.

Meet St. Francis, the feline named after the beloved patron saint of animals. This charming cat finds pure joy in taking long, peaceful naps, receiving gentle head rubs, and savoring delicious meals.

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