Sources reveal that the fugitives from Puerto Rico’s ‘most wanted’ list, who have been on the run since a shootout with police, have been apprehended while hiding in New York City.

Law enforcement sources have revealed that two of Puerto Rico’s most wanted fugitives were apprehended in the Bronx after evading capture for several months. These individuals had engaged in a shootout with the police before disappearing, making their arrest a significant development.

Sources have revealed that the elusive duo, Jay Livan Diaz-Del Valle, aged 25, and Hector Manuel Cruz-Ayala, aged 27, were apprehended by the US Marshals fugitive task force on Monday and Tuesday.

According to sources, the charges against them are related to an incident that took place on December 12, 2023. During this encounter, the Puerto Rico Police Department was attempting to arrest the pair on charges of weapons possession.

The officers were attacked by the two men, who opened fire and injured three individuals before escaping, according to sources.

A man with an extensive criminal record has been apprehended by US Marshals after reportedly sexually assaulting a woman in her New York City building. The suspect, who has a history of criminal activities, was arrested following the incident.

The police have issued a warrant for the men, who are also suspected of being involved in several homicides.

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According to sources, on May 10th, the Marshals and the Puerto Rican police received information that Del Valle and Ayala might be hiding out in the Big Apple.

Del-Valle was located at the intersection of East Tremont and Marmion avenues in the Bronx, three days later.

They apprehended Ayala the next day on Vyse Avenue in the Bronx, on the 2000 block, according to sources.

According to sources, they are expected to face charges of attempted murder of a police officer, as well as possession of weapons and other related offenses.

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