Sources report that a 14-year-old suspect is dead following an active shooter incident near a middle school.

According to sources, a 14-year-old suspect was killed in a confrontation with the police on Wednesday after an active shooter was reported outside a middle school in Wisconsin.

According to sources, the teen was seen approaching Mount Horeb Middle School carrying what looked like a long gun.

According to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, the Mount Horeb Area School District identified the suspect as a male student. Sources reported that bomb technicians were searching a vehicle connected to the suspect to gather evidence.

During a press briefing on Wednesday evening, Attorney General Kaul stated that officers from the Mount Horeb Police Department had responded to a report about an individual with a weapon outside the middle school and subsequently used deadly force.

According to the school district, the police were called in to assist with the situation involving an active shooter at the school. Thankfully, the threat was eliminated outside the building, and there have been no reports of injuries among the students and staff.

According to a statement posted on Facebook, the district clarified that the individual did not breach the entryway.

Kaul could not confirm if the suspect fired any shots, as he explained to reporters that he is currently restricted in sharing specific details due to the ongoing investigation.

The district has confirmed that no additional suspects have been found after conducting an initial search of the middle school. It has been reported that all students and staff are safe. While law enforcement is conducting a thorough investigation, there is no current belief that there is a continued threat to public safety. Attorney General Kaul has reassured the public that the incident is being vigorously investigated.

The investigation into the “entirety of the incident” is being led by the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation, according to Kaul. As per standard practice in a use-of-force incident, certain Mount Horeb police officers have been placed on leave.

All school district buildings were placed on lockdown at approximately 11:15 a.m. local time, according to a statement from the district. Students were instructed to stay inside while the police conducted their investigation, and they would only be allowed to leave once given approval by the authorities. The district has now begun to release some students from the lockdown.

Mount Horeb School District Superintendent Steve Salerno announced that a decision regarding the complete reopening of schools is imminent, with the aim of resuming classes by Friday.

During the press briefing on Wednesday, Salerno expressed admiration for the incredible staff who have come together to support our wonderful children.

According to him, taking proactive safety measures is vital to prevent a more severe outcome. This includes implementing security enhancements like vestibules and locked front doors.

Salerno expressed gratitude that the tragedy did not escalate further.

An agency spokesperson confirmed to ABC News that the FBI was present at the scene and providing assistance to state and local partners.

Mount Horeb village officials expressed their shock and horror at the terrifying situation that occurred on Wednesday, praising the school district and emergency personnel for their quick and brave response to the active shooter incident.

“The shooter was unable to enter the building thanks to the safety precautions implemented by our Schools,” expressed Mount Horeb Village president Ryan Czyzewski and Mount Horeb Chamber Board chair Kara Brandemuehl in a joint statement. They further emphasized the exceptional professionalism and dedication displayed by our community’s first responders and School District through their outstanding collaboration and coordination.”

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is closely monitoring the situation.

In a statement, he expressed his concern about the safety of our children, educators, and staff who go to school every day, hoping that such a day would never come.

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