Sorority members witness Vice President Harris celebrate achievements and condemn Trump in her speech

Kamala Harris made a campaign stop in Dallas on Wednesday amidst ongoing debates among some Democratic leaders in Congress regarding whether President Biden should run for another term in four years.

Addressing thousands of members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the oldest and biggest Black sorority in the nation, the Vice President delivered her speech.

At their Dallas convention, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters greeted Harris with open arms, donning their signature colors of salmon pink and apple green, as she is also a member of the sorority.

Harris exclaimed, “My heart is brimming with joy!”

During her visit, she emphasized the efforts made by herself and Mr. Biden to increase the availability of cost-effective medical care for women. This includes ensuring access to affordable healthcare for new mothers, as well as reducing the expense of insulin for the elderly.

In a recent update, Harris made an announcement regarding a new national health and safety standard for new mothers.

According to the vice president, every hospital in the United States will soon have to furnish new mothers with delivery rooms that have all the necessary life-saving medical equipment.

Despite the progress made by the country, there is still a looming threat from Republicans, according to her.

“Our country is currently experiencing an all-out attack on the liberties and entitlements that we have worked tirelessly to acquire and preserve.”

She mentioned that reproductive or abortion rights are among them.

Harris expressed her criticism towards Donald Trump, the former President and the likely Republican nominee.

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Harris emphasized the importance of understanding the events that led to the current situation and explained how former President Donald Trump appointed three Supreme Court justices with the intention of overturning Roe v. Wade. As expected, they did so. Harris firmly believes that the government should not have the power to dictate what a woman can or cannot do with her own body.

As the election approaches, the Vice President’s visit to Dallas is taking place at a time when Trump’s poll numbers are on the rise, not just nationally, but also in the crucial battleground states that will determine the outcome.

According to recent polls, Trump has received higher ratings than Mr. Biden and Harris in terms of the most pressing concerns for Americans, such as inflation, the economy, and border security.

Although Harris did not address the worries expressed by a few Democrats about President Biden’s continuation in the race after the June 27 debate, her speech resonated with women like Alexier Barbour, a sorority member from Dallas, who stated, “I was truly touched by her words.”

Barbour has a message for the Democratic leaders who are urging President Biden to drop out of the race.

Barbour urged for a reassessment of the proposal to have an alternative candidate assume the role of president.

When questioned about her support for Biden, Barbour affirmed her commitment saying, “I am standing by him.” She further added that she believes it would be unwise to change direction at this juncture.

Reyanna Davis, a resident of San Francisco and a member of a sorority, concurred.

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Davis expressed his appreciation for the outstanding work that has been done so far and urged everyone to carry on with the efforts. “The great job and the great work that has been done should continue,” he emphasized.

Harris encouraged her fellow sorority sisters to back their reelection.

Harris expressed her belief that this election is the most crucial, significant, and existential one in our lifetime.

As she left the stage, her supporters erupted in chants of “four more years.”

Upon boarding Air Force 2 for the return trip to Washington, the collective press corps bombarded the Vice President with inquiries regarding whether or not Biden should step down. It should be noted that she did not provide a response.

The Dallas convention, coming to an end on Thursday, saw an impressive registration of around 20,000 sorority members.

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