Small plane crashes in Missouri hayfield after pilot and 6 passengers jump during skydiving flight

According to federal authorities, a small plane crashed in a Missouri field on Saturday after a pilot and six passengers on a skydiving flight safely jumped from the aircraft.

According to a statement from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Cessna U206C, a single-engine aircraft, crashed near the Butler Memorial Airport at approximately 1 p.m.

There is limited information currently available regarding the events leading up to the crash.

Preliminary information from the agency suggests that the plane was on a “skydiving mission.” Fortunately, both the pilot and all passengers managed to safely exit the plane before it crashed.

A small plane carrying two individuals has crashed in a Nashville suburb, according to local authorities.

The Bates County Sheriff’s Office discovered the remains of a lone Cessna U206C aircraft in a hayfield located east of the airport’s runways.

According to Fox News Digital, the FAA has confirmed that there were seven individuals on board the aircraft during the flight.

According to the Bates County Sheriff’s Office, they have located the pilot who parachuted off the plane in a hangar at the airport. KCTV also reported that all six passengers safely parachuted from the plane before the crash.

A Washington pilot who had been reported missing was tragically found dead in a plane crash in a forested area.

The pilot and passengers received medical attention from paramedics at the scene. Fortunately, they were all discharged after being assessed by the medical professionals, as confirmed by the sheriff’s office.

The first responders discovered the wreckage of the aircraft in a hayfield located to the east of the airport’s runways. The sheriff’s office described the plane as a “total loss.”

The NTSB investigators will retrieve the wreckage and transport it to an offsite facility for additional analysis.

The Butler Memorial Airport is located approximately 62 miles south of Kansas City.

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