Simone Biles Opens Up About How Criticism Towards Husband Jonathan Owens’ “The Catch” Comment Took a Toll on Her Mental Health

Simone Biles is not one to be trifled with when it comes to her husband or her family. During a candid conversation on Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Biles finally addresses the criticism her husband, Jonathan Owens, received following his controversial interview where he boldly declared himself as “the catch.”

During a recent appearance on “The Pivot” podcast, Owens made a statement that seemed to imply that he was the more desirable partner in their relationship. He also admitted that he had no knowledge of who Biles was before they started dating. While Biles was present during the interview and initially felt good about it, she was taken aback by the negative reaction from the public. Social media was flooded with criticism, with some even going as far as suggesting that she should end her marriage. Despite this, Biles stood up for her husband and defended him.

“I was actually in the room, sitting on the chair the whole time, even though I wasn’t visible in the videos. It was quite amusing to witness the whole thing unfold,” she playfully shared. The 27-year-old further added, “I genuinely believed everything was fine. However, when I checked Twitter, I was taken aback by the reactions. People were urging me to divorce him, calling him mean. But the truth is, he’s the sweetest person I know. He constantly showers me with love and admiration. Honestly, I’ve never come across someone like him before.” Biles clarified that fans misunderstood her partner’s words when he mentioned being “the catch.”

“He never told me that I wasn’t a catch,” she clarified. “He simply expressed that he believed he was a catch because of his qualities. I have never encountered a man quite like him. Many people who meet him are instantly captivated and wish to have a partner with similar qualities.”

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At first, she found the controversy to be quite amusing, but as time went on, the relentless criticism began to take its toll on her.

She found it amusing initially, only to have her feelings hurt later on,” she expressed. “One evening, I couldn’t hold back anymore and I asked them, why are you all discussing my husband in this manner? You have no knowledge of him, you don’t know his true character. If anyone has had the chance to meet him, they would understand that he is the kindest person who would go above and beyond for anyone.”

In response, she expressed her distress over the comments made about her husband, stating, “It deeply hurt me that they were discussing my husband in such a manner. Criticize me all you want, but when it comes to my family, it’s a different story. Absolutely not.”

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