Shooting at McDonald’s in the Bronx injures 2 children

According to the authorities, a McDonald’s restaurant located in the Bronx became the site of a tragic incident where two children were shot.

The incident occurred on Saturday night, specifically at around 10 p.m., on White Plains Rd. in Allerton at 2516.

Two young boys, aged 12 and 13, were injured in a shooting incident. The 12-year-old suffered gunshot wounds in his left thigh and back, while the 13-year-old was hit in his left leg. Fortunately, both boys were rushed to the hospital and are expected to recover from their injuries.

At present, there is no description available for the suspect who fled the scene, as per the police.

It is currently unclear what led to the shooting incident. The details and circumstances surrounding the event remain unknown.

Hundreds of people gathered to mourn the victims at the vigil, which Lucy Yang attended.

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