Shiawassee County Officials Threatened: Michigan Man Set to Face Trial

A man from Michigan is facing trial after being accused of making threats against elected officials in Shiawassee County.

George Hamas, a resident of Macomb County, made an appearance in Shiawassee County District Court on Tuesday, March 12. During the hearing, he chose to waive his right to a preliminary examination. The charges against him include four counts of false report or threat of terrorism and two counts of using a computer to commit a crime.

Hamas chose to waive his right to a preliminary examination, which led District Court Judge Ward Clarkson to transfer his case to circuit court for trial. In the circuit court, Hamas will have the opportunity to proceed to trial, where he can either plead as charged or consider any plea agreement that may be offered to him.

Hamas could potentially face a prison sentence of 20 years if convicted, and they are currently still in custody.

According to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, her office is currently investigating an incident where Hamas allegedly sent death threats and specific acts of violence to public officials in Shiawassee County in June 2022. The threats were reportedly made through social media and phone messages.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel expressed concern about the rising number of violent threats and death threats targeting public officials. She emphasized the importance of taking these threats seriously and highlighted the readiness of her department’s Hate Crimes and Domestic Terrorism Unit to prosecute such serious crimes. Nessel also called upon local authorities to recognize the gravity of these threats, as they did in this particular case. She emphasized that such behavior should not be normalized for public servants and elected officials.

Hamas will be appearing before Judge Matthew J. Stewart on Friday, March 22nd, at the 35th Circuit Court.

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