Shapiro invests $11M in site development to fuel significant business expansion

Pennsylvania Governor, Josh Shapiro, has set his sights on attracting major business expansions to the state by ensuring that sites are shovel-ready.

To support this initiative, the administration has allocated $11 million towards the development of seven sites. Additionally, there are plans to invest an additional $500 million in the upcoming year.

During a press conference held in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, Attorney General Josh Shapiro expressed his concerns over the lack of investment in site development within the state. He highlighted the fact that neighboring states are allocating more resources towards this aspect, stating, “Every neighbor around us is investing more in site development than Pennsylvania has in recent years.” To emphasize his point, Shapiro mentioned a specific example where $2.5 million will be used to transform a 217-acre former industrial plant into an industrial park.

Over a hundred years ago, Shapiro observed that Alcoa, a company in Westmoreland County, was responsible for exporting aluminum worldwide.

He emphasized the significance of investing in and advancing the legacy of economic leadership, manufacturing, and innovation.

The governor emphasized the state’s necessity to prepare sites with essential public infrastructure, including electrical hookups, sewage connectors, and highway improvements.

Shapiro emphasized the importance of making investments to prevent employers from seeking opportunities elsewhere.

The Department of Community and Economic Development’s secretary, Rick Siger, has emphasized the significance of site development in driving overall economic growth. He strongly believes that advanced manufacturing cannot flourish in Pennsylvania without the dedicated efforts made in this area.

The governor emphasized the potential for future success that can be achieved through the repurposing of land.

According to Shapiro, having a clear direction or a “north star” is essential in order to ensure that your investments, actions, and efforts align towards a common goal. This sense of direction enables you to make strategic decisions, navigate through obstacles, and ultimately achieve tangible results.

In his budget proposal, he emphasized economic development, education, and public safety as the primary areas for investment.

Several other counties in addition to Westmoreland County will also receive funding for site development projects. These counties include Allegheny, Bedford, Bucks, Indiana, Lehigh, and Wayne.

In a press release, Westmoreland County Commissioner Ted Kopas highlighted the long-standing challenge of not having readily available sites to attract new businesses to the Commonwealth. He emphasized that public funding for business-ready sites is a wise investment, as it yields substantial returns through increased private investment and the overall support it provides to local economies and tax bases, like that of Westmoreland.

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