Severe Winter Storm Expected To Hit 6 States With Snow And Harsh Conditions

Parts of six states are currently under winter storm warnings as the West braces for more heavy snowfall following a weekend of significant precipitation.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued alerts for several states, including California, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. These alerts are in place due to the predicted treacherous travel conditions and the possibility of strong winds that may lead to falling tree branches.

According to the latest forecast from the NWS, wintry weather will persist over the northern West Coast in the next few days. This is due to an energetic jet stream from the Pacific Ocean and the arrival of another front.

According to the forecast, there will be more heavy snowfall in the higher elevations of the southern Cascades and the northern Sierra until Monday. The spreading moisture inland will also contribute to increased snowfall in parts of the northern Great Basin on Monday and in the northern Rockies on Tuesday. Specifically, areas like southern Idaho and western Wyoming are expected to experience significant snowfall during this time.

According to the weather agency, although most of the snow will be concentrated in mountainous regions, some parts of southern Oregon are expected to receive a few inches of snow in the valleys.

A massive winter storm originating from the Pacific Ocean hammered the Sierra Nevada range with over 12 feet of snow. It also blanketed higher-elevation areas in neighboring states with several feet of snow and subjected them to blizzard conditions.

Earlier in the week, a winter storm arrived onshore and then progressed towards the Intermountain West, unleashing heavy snowfall across Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.

The western states have already experienced multiple episodes of intense snowfall this winter. They have been hit by a series of atmospheric rivers, resulting in a rare blizzard warning for Seattle in early January.

Southwestern Oregon is bracing for another winter onslaught, with forecasts predicting up to 14 inches of snow and winds gusting at 50 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the Cascades could see an impressive 30 inches of additional snowfall.

Northern California is bracing for severe weather conditions, with the anticipation of up to 28 inches of snow and winds gusting as high as 50 miles an hour. The Sierra Nevada mountains, located north of the I-80, are expected to receive an additional 9 inches of snow.

Mono County is under a blizzard warning until Monday morning.

The Central and Uinta mountains of Utah are expected to receive a significant amount of snow, with forecasts predicting up to 4 inches of accumulation. Similarly, northwest and central Colorado may experience up to 8 inches of snowfall accompanied by strong winds reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour, resulting in areas of blowing snow.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a warning for southern Wyoming, where an additional 3 inches of snow is anticipated in the Sierra Madre and Snowy ranges. According to the NWS, this weather event may pose a life-threatening situation for individuals engaged in outdoor activities in the affected area.

According to meteorologists, strong winds are expected to occur in northern North Dakota due to a cold front that extends southwest from the Great Lakes into the Plains. This could result in areas of blowing snow, with the possibility of freezing rain in some areas.

Expect winds to reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, accompanied by an additional inch of snow accumulation, continuing into Monday morning.

According to the NWS, the weather front will also result in heavy rainfall along the Pacific Northwest coastline and into California.

California experienced significant flooding earlier this month due to a duo of potent atmospheric river storms originating from the Pacific Ocean.

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