Severe Turbulence on United Airlines Flight From Los Angeles to Newark Leaves 16 Passengers Injured

Mocobizscene- Sixteen individuals sustained injuries when a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Newark encountered “severe turbulence” on Saturday afternoon. The airline has confirmed that three flight attendants and two passengers had to be transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

On Saturday morning, United Airlines flight UA1890 took off from LAX at approximately 8:45 am. The flight proceeded smoothly until the Boeing 777-200 aircraft encountered intense turbulence during its descent into Newark.

Thirteen passengers and three flight attendants sustained injuries when the 26-year-old aircraft encountered turbulence in the New York area, as reported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The extent of the injuries was not specified by the FAA, but it was mentioned that five of the injured individuals required transportation to a nearby hospital.

According to a statement from United Airlines, the flight from Los Angeles, United 1890, encountered unexpected turbulence while descending into Newark.

“After the plane landed without any issues, medical staff greeted the flight and transported three flight attendants and two passengers to University Hospital. We appreciate the dedication and quick response of our crew in prioritizing the well-being of our customers.”

Passengers are reminded once again that it is crucial to remain seated with their seatbelts fastened, even if the seat belt signs are not illuminated. It is still uncertain whether the seat belt signs were activated when the aircraft encountered the turbulence.

According to scientists, there is a global increase in turbulence events, with a particular focus on the rise of ‘clear air turbulence’, which poses a significant challenge in terms of detection.

The North East could face travel chaos as metrologists warn of a potentially massive snowstorm following a series of winter storms in the New York area in recent days.

United Airlines has announced a travel waiver for the entire region, which includes Newark, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

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