Ryan Gosling Desires a Second Chance for ‘La La Land’ Due to Lingering Regret Over a Dance Move That Ended Up on the Movie’s Poster: ‘It Completely Dampened the Mood’

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Ryan Gosling was asked if there is any role from his Hollywood career that he would like to do over again. Surprisingly, his answer was “La La Land,” the acclaimed 2016 musical directed by Damian Chazelle. Gosling received an Oscar nomination for his performance, while his co-star Emma Stone won the Oscar for best actress and Chazelle won best director. However, Gosling’s desire to revisit the role stems from a dance mistake that still haunts him.

The highly anticipated film “Fall Guy,” starring Ryan Gosling, had an impressive start at the box office, earning $3.15 million in previews. People flocked to theaters to catch a glimpse of Gosling’s captivating performance in this action-packed thriller. The film’s gripping storyline and Gosling’s star power seem to have struck a chord with audiences, as they eagerly await its official release.

Ryan Gosling reflected on a memorable moment from the movie “La La Land” that continues to stay with him. He recalled a scene where he and Emma Stone were dancing, unaware that it would later become the iconic poster for the film. Despite being instructed to keep their hands up, Gosling decided to deviate from the norm and placed his hand in a flatter position, believing it would add a touch of coolness to the scene. Although others advised against it, Gosling remained confident in his choice, convinced that it would enhance the overall aesthetic.

“Now, as I constantly see it, I can’t help but think that it would have been even cooler if we had gone for the intended pose,” Gosling confessed. “It just completely drained the energy in that way. I like to refer to it as La La Hand.”

During the interview, the interviewer mentioned to Gosling that his flat hand on the “La La Land” poster is often referred to as “hamburger hands.” In response, Gosling humorously retorted, “Hamburger hands Gosling over here.”

Ryan Gosling experienced a significant turning point in his career with the film “La La Land.” For the first time, he took on a role with his family in mind. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Gosling expressed his lack of interest in darker roles at this stage of his career due to his sense of responsibility towards his loved ones.

Emily Blunt’s look in ‘The Fall Guy’ was inspired by Hollywood directors such as Greta Gerwig, Patty Jenkins, and Kathryn Bigelow.

Ryan Gosling recently expressed his preference for avoiding roles that delve into dark and unsettling themes. In an interview, he emphasized the importance of considering his family’s well-being when making career decisions. Gosling, who is known for his thoughtful approach to acting, revealed that he and his partner, Eva Mendes, prioritize the happiness and welfare of their family above all else.

“I believe ‘La La Land’ was the catalyst,” Gosling reflected on the turning point in his career. “It was a delightful experience for them as well, even though they weren’t physically present on set. We would practice the piano, dance, and sing together. Their fascination with ‘Barbie’ and lack of interest in Ken served as inspiration. They were already creating their own miniature movies with their Barbies on the iPad, so the fact that I was going to work to make a film as well made us feel connected.”

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