Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Unsuccessful in Securing Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination

According to CNN, RFK Jr. garnered the backing of only 19 delegates, which accounted for a mere 2.07 percent of the vote.

Donald Trump made a desperate plea for the nomination on Saturday. However, he was disqualified as he failed to submit the required nominating papers.

In a bold statement on his social media platform, Truth Social, he stood his ground and defended the decision.

In a recent statement, the individual explained why they did not file paperwork for the Libertarian Nomination. They expressed confidence in their ability to secure the nomination, as evident from the enthusiastic crowd at a recent event. However, due to their status as the Republican Nominee, they are prohibited from accepting the nomination of another party.

“I am confident that I will secure a majority of the Libertarian votes. Junior Kennedy, a Radical Left Democrat, has proven to be detrimental in everything he has been involved with, especially in New York and New England, particularly when it comes to the affordability and feasibility of energy. It is clear that he does not align with libertarian values. Only someone foolish would consider voting for him!”

When Trump spoke at the event, he faced a strong wave of boos from the audience, leaving no room for doubt about their dissatisfaction. Despite this, he only managed to secure six write-in votes, indicating a lack of support for his presence.

Nicole Shanahan, RFK Jr.’s vice presidential pick, was slated to address the audience on Sunday. However, due to her running mate’s loss, her appearance at the event was canceled.

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