Rick Ross car show prompts installation of no parking signs, anticipates large turnout

On Saturday, the Rick Ross Car Show in Fayette County is expected to attract a large crowd of car enthusiasts.

Living nearby, neighbors experience the inconvenience of enduring miles of traffic, being confined to their homes, and perhaps even observing the spectacle of people parachuting into the show.

In a recent interview with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Channel 2’s Veronica Griffin discussed the essential preparations that everyone should make.

Thousands of people were shuttled through traffic along Ga. 279 to the grounds of Ross’ Fayette County estate last year. Buses with deputy escorts were used for transportation.

During his visit to the car show, Kevin Spencer Jr. expressed his satisfaction with the improved traffic management by the sheriff’s office compared to the previous year.

Spencer Jr. expressed his delight, describing the experience as fantastic. He emphasized the cleanliness and organization of the place to Griffin.

According to the sheriff’s office, last year saw a turnout of over 6,000 car enthusiasts. However, despite their best efforts, some residents remained frustrated with the traffic congestion and cars parked on the side of the road.

Days before, the authorities have already put up signs indicating that parking is prohibited this year.

Patricia and David Wimberly reside just across the street from the extravagant Rick Ross mansion. Although they aren’t particularly thrilled about the expected traffic congestion and noise on Saturday, they empathize with the desire of others to enjoy themselves.

“We can tolerate the noise; it’s only for one night. This area is known for its lively atmosphere, and people often celebrate here,” Patricia remarked.

“We had our fair share of partying over the years,” David reminisced.

The sheriff’s office has announced that a deputy station will be established at each roadblock to ensure quick response times, if necessary.

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