Republican gubernatorial candidate Robinson energizes North Carolina GOP convention attendees

Several state candidates at the North Carolina GOP convention on Saturday took the opportunity to rally the crowd and express their support for Mark Robinson’s candidacy for governor even before he took the stage.

During the NCGOP Convention’s Old North State Dinner in Greensboro, the state’s lieutenant governor finally took the stage after a long wait. In his impassioned speech, Robinson wasted no time in criticizing the media for their excessive obsession with Donald Trump’s legal troubles. Instead, he urged them to focus on the “failures of the Democratic Party.” Furthermore, he outlined his vision for the state, emphasizing the need to enhance both the economy and education.

During his speech, which was livestreamed by Triad television outlet WGHP, Robinson expressed confidence in the talent and shared vision of the people in the state. He assured the audience that with their collective efforts, they can turn their vision into a reality.

In the highly competitive gubernatorial race of the 2024 election, the Republican candidate, who is 55 years old, finds himself embroiled in a fierce battle against his Democratic rival, Josh Stein, the state Attorney General. What sets Robinson apart is his bold and unconventional political style, which has captivated not only Trump supporters but also garnered the formal endorsement of the former president himself. During a rally in Greensboro in March, Trump referred to Robinson as “Martin Luther King on steroids.”

Critics are raising concerns about Robinson’s stance on the LGBTQ community and his support for restricting abortion access. They argue that his rhetoric is cause for alarm. However, the Greensboro native has defended himself by stating that he can separate his religious beliefs from his role in public office. Robinson’s goal is to transform North Carolina into a “destination state for life.”

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In his speech, Robinson proudly declared himself as a valuable member of the winning team. He attributed the state’s economic prosperity to the effective implementation of Republican policies. Furthermore, he emphasized the crucial responsibility of the governor’s office, under his leadership, in safeguarding and sustaining this success.

“According to Robinson, North Carolina is on the verge of experiencing a significant economic boom. He believes that it is crucial to steer this explosion in the right direction and transform the state into something even more remarkable than it already is.”

Robinson is placing a high priority on education in North Carolina, as he believes that the state’s education system is currently in disarray. He emphasizes that the blame for this situation does not lie with the teachers, as he views them in the same category as police officers.

During the dinner on Saturday, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum took the stage as a keynote speaker. He began his speech by referring to Robinson as the future governor of the state. Governor Burgum echoed the thoughts expressed by Lara Trump, co-chair of the Republican National Committee, and her husband Eric Trump, who had spoken at the convention the previous day. Both Lara and Eric emphasized the significance of North Carolina in the upcoming 2024 elections, stating that the state could play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the entire country.

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