Reaction of Arkansas family member of victim to suspect’s manhunt following killing in Oklahoma

Law enforcement officials are still searching for an Alabama man who is suspected of being connected to several out-of-state killings. The search has been ongoing in Arkansas for several hours, but the suspect remains at large.

According to the Arkansas State Police, Stacy Drake, aged 50, is being sought in connection with two separate carjackings that resulted in three homicides in Oklahoma.

The Morrilton Police Department reported that Drake’s last known location was at the Motel 6 on Oak Street in Morrilton.

One of the lives lost in Oklahoma was Tara Underwood, who was a mother of three from Fort Smith, according to her family.

According to one of Underwood’s relatives, the unexpected nature of the incident made it difficult to process. “It’s always shocking when something like this happens so close to home,” they expressed.

According to the police, Blake was spotted at the motel on Tuesday night driving a car that was reported stolen from the site of the murder.

According to a family member of Underwood, who wished to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, the recent act of violence is nothing but senseless. They expressed their deepest condolences and urged that no one else falls prey to such heinous acts. “I pray that this perpetrator is caught before another innocent life is lost,” they added.

Underwood may reside in Oklahoma, but she has relatives scattered across various regions in Arkansas.

According to a family member of Underwood, the fact that her accused killer is still at large is causing great concern. They expressed their fear, stating that the last known location of the suspect was Morrilton, which is just an hour away from where they reside. The situation is considered to be very alarming and unsettling for the family.

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On Wednesday, Drake was searched for by multiple agencies throughout the entire day.

In addition to the homicides that occurred in Oklahoma, Drake is also wanted for other serious crimes such as aggravated robbery, carjacking, and another homicide in various jurisdictions.

According to the Fort Smith Police Department, Drake was a suspect in a home invasion in 2010. The incident involved tying up the residents while stealing their cash, cards, and car.

According to the relative, while it won’t bring their loved one back, it will provide some comfort knowing that other families won’t have to endure a similar tragedy.

Officials from the state have issued a warning, urging the public to exercise caution as they believe that Drake is armed and dangerous. The police have also advised individuals who spot Drake to immediately call 911 and avoid confronting him.

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