Public Defender in New York City Allegedly Removing Flyers of Abducted Jewish Children

In Israel, the terrorist group Hamas is still holding captive hundreds of individuals, even after a tragic terrorist attack on October 6th that claimed the lives of more than 1,500 innocent civilians, including women and children.

Across New York City, flyers featuring the names and photographs of missing individuals, including women and children, have been posted in an effort to raise awareness.

StopAntisemitism reportedly captured footage of trial attorney Victoria Ruiz from New York County Defender Services removing anti-Semitic posters this week.

The public responded with outrage and demanded her termination after the video went viral. Some even suggested that her past casework should be re-evaluated for any signs of biased behavior in light of the recent accusation.

According to one commentator, “If this woman has ever represented a Jewish person, their case should be reviewed for ineffective assistance of counsel. If she is currently representing a Jewish person, they should be immediately reassigned to a different attorney.”

In a tongue-in-cheek response, a commenter pointed out that being a socialist piece of garbage is actually a necessary qualification to become a public defender in New York City. There was no comment from Ruiz regarding the matter at hand. Established in 1997, the New York County Defenders Office offers legal assistance to those who are facing criminal charges in New York City.

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