Proponents gather in support of emergency abortions ahead of Supreme Court case

Supporters of Planned Parenthood came together to rally in support of emergency abortion care ahead of the Supreme Court hearing this week.

    • Idaho v. United States will consider whether the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, an act that grants the right of emergency care to those in need of attention, overrides Idaho law prohibiting abortions in certain emergency situations.
    • The event also included an interactive exhibit, that told the stories of times emergency abortions offered lifesaving care.
    • Meanwhile, opposing groups like Idaho Chooses Life advocate for protection of preborn children on their website.

The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story.

“Abortion is an essential aspect of healthcare!”

A crowd of individuals gathered at the Idaho State Capitol on Sunday to express their unwavering support for abortion rights.

The event took place in anticipation of this week’s Supreme Court hearing on the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. This act grants the right to emergency care for individuals in need, even if there are laws in Idaho that prohibit abortions in specific emergency situations.

According to Mistie Dellicarpini-Tolman, a representative from Planned Parenthood, the current situation regarding abortion rights is of utmost importance. Dellicarpini-Tolman emphasizes that if the Supreme Court supports Idaho, it will severely restrict people’s access to vital abortion services.

An interactive experience showcasing stories of emergency abortions providing lifesaving care was also available at the rally.

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