Prominent Republican Criticizes ‘Extreme Individuals’ in House GOP ‘Chaos Caucus’ Amid Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Attempts to Remove Speaker

A prominent Republican is expressing concerns about the presence of “radical individuals” within the House GOP’s chaos caucus, coinciding with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) considering a move to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

During a recent interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with Ed O’Keefe, Representative Mike Turner (R-OH), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, strongly criticized those who are hindering Johnson’s efforts to bring a Ukraine aid package to the floor.

“The Chaos Caucus, unfortunately, persists in their efforts to obstruct any progress made in Congress,” Turner explained. “They do not offer an alternative plan, but rather oppose the necessary actions. This is crucial for the sake of national security.”

Turner revealed that Democrat Hakeem Jeffries, the House Minority Leader from New York, will not be urging fellow Democrats to engage in any endeavor aimed at removing the speaker.

According to Turner, Jeffries has firmly stated that he will not team up with the rebels in the Republican party to oust Speaker Johnson. Turner believes that there will be widespread support in Congress to accomplish this task.

During the current Congress, O’Keefe highlighted the departure of 20 Republicans from the House and inquired if there are any others contemplating leaving. Turner responded by stating that he is unaware of any additional departures and proceeded to provide a broader observation about the current state of affairs within the House.

According to Turner, the recent events have highlighted the presence of radical fringes and individuals who seem to have no clear ideology or agenda other than causing chaos. This has created disruptions and made it challenging for those who simply want to focus on getting their work done.

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