Prominent pastor in North Texas resigns from ministry citing “sin”

A prominent evangelical pastor in North Texas has announced his decision to step away from the ministry. The pastor made the announcement recently, but did not disclose the reasons behind his decision. This news has come as a surprise to many in the community who have followed the pastor’s teachings and sermons for years. Despite this sudden change, the pastor has expressed his gratitude for the support and encouragement he has received from his congregation and peers.

In a recent announcement, Dr. Tony Evans revealed that he will be taking a step back from his duties “due to sin.”

One of the original pastors who established Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas and previously served as a chaplain for both the Dallas Cowboys and the Mavericks is Evans.

On June 9, Evans expressed his gratitude to the Church by stating, “I have been blessed to serve as your senior pastor for the past 48 years. Witnessing God’s power and blessings firsthand, from 10 people in a house to where we are now, has been an absolute joy and privilege.”

In his statement, Evans emphasizes that the foundation of their ministry has always been their unwavering dedication to the Word of God. He believes that the Word of God is the ultimate truth, and they must adhere to it in every aspect of their lives. However, he admits that he fell short of this standard due to his own shortcomings and sin. He acknowledges that when they fail to meet this standard, they must repent and work towards restoring their relationship with God. Evans’ statement shows his humility and willingness to take responsibility for his actions.

In his statement, he acknowledged that he did not use “righteous judgment” in his actions, but maintained that he did not commit any crimes. He also expressed his intention to embark on a “healing and restoration process.”

Broadcasted on over 1,000 stations globally, Evans hosts a radio program.

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