Popular chicken chain lends a helping hand to Metro Atlanta Jamaican restaurant destroyed by fire

Simone John has always felt the support and care of her friends and neighbors, but she had never experienced such overwhelming collective care before.

Simone expressed her surprise at the overwhelming love and support their humble shack received from everyone, as she spoke to Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen.

Simone and her husband, Chef Jay John, have been the proud owners of Jamaican Dat Fire Jerk Chicken in Southwest Atlanta for many years. Unfortunately, their restaurant now lies in ruins on a lot along Northside Drive after a devastating fire occurred last month.

The line outside their food truck on Tuesday stretched down the street.

According to loyal customer Shon Floyd, he finds it incredibly beautiful and believes that it plays a crucial role in propelling the community forward.

Nando’s PERi-PERi Chicken, the South African restaurant brand, generously treated us to a complimentary meal. They will be opening two new locations in the metro area later this year.

Chef Jay was ecstatic when he learned that they were sponsoring a total of 404 meals. His excitement was palpable as he exclaimed, “Oh my God! That’s absolutely incredible!”

404, the area code of Atlanta, is more than just a number. It’s a symbol of solidarity and goodwill between restaurants.

Krista McLay from Nando’s expressed her enthusiasm as she observed the excitement in the air. “You look around. Everyone is so excited about coming here and trying out their food today,” she remarked.

Chef Jay expressed his gratitude to Nando’s for bringing in many first-time customers, and he hopes that these newcomers will become regulars in the future.

“It demonstrates that when you prioritize the well-being of the community, others take notice and appreciate your efforts,” Chef Jay expressed with a sense of joy. “It’s truly an incredible feeling.”

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