Polling reveals dissatisfaction with presidential candidates in Michigan and Pennsylvania majority

New polling has revealed that a significant number of voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania, critical swing states that played a pivotal role in President Biden’s victory in 2020, are expressing dissatisfaction with the available options this year.

According to recent CNN surveys conducted by SSRS, it was discovered that a majority of voters in the crucial battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan are not pleased with the leading candidates, Biden and former President Trump, in the upcoming election. Only 47 percent of voters in Pennsylvania and 46 percent in Michigan express satisfaction with these candidates.

Just after Biden and Trump secured their party nominations and began their 2024 general election campaign, surveys were conducted to gauge public opinion. The upcoming race between Biden and Trump promises to be another close one.

According to the latest poll, Trump and Biden are currently tied in Pennsylvania, with both candidates earning 46 percent support among registered voters.

Biden garnered significant support from women, voters of color, college graduates, and independent voters, according to reports. However, he faced challenges in appealing to younger voters in Pennsylvania. CNN highlighted that Biden and Trump were roughly tied among voters under the age of 35.

According to recent polls, Trump is currently leading in Michigan by 8 points. The former president has secured the support of 50 percent of the voters, while Biden trails behind with 42 percent. It appears that Biden is struggling to gain support among voters of color, as well as independents and young voters in Michigan.

According to the network, Biden retains approximately 90% of his self-described 2020 supporters in both states, while Trump manages to maintain a slightly larger portion of his own 2020 voters.

Many voters have already made up their minds, but there is still a significant number in each state who have not firmly decided who to support. In Michigan, 45 percent of independents have yet to make a decision, and in Pennsylvania, 32 percent are in the same boat.

According to recent data from The Hill/Decision Desk HQ, Trump is currently ahead of Biden in Michigan, with 45.4 percent support compared to Biden’s 42.1 percent. Similarly, in Pennsylvania, Trump is leading with 46.3 percent, while Biden has 41.5 percent.

The polls conducted by CNN took place from March 13 to 18 and involved 1,097 Michigan voters and 1,132 Pennsylvania voters. In Michigan, the margin of error is 3.6 percentage points, while in Pennsylvania, it is 3.8 percentage points.

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