Police report death of murder suspect following standoff in Toms River

According to authorities, the man who was being sought for the murder of a woman last week, committed suicide during a standoff in Toms River, New Jersey on Friday.

According to the police, a 35-year-old man named Maxwell Johnston took his own life with a gunshot wound after a tense standoff that lasted for several hours. The incident took place at a residence located on Ravenwood Drive in the 1900 block.

Authorities were searching for Johnston in connection with the killing of Gabriella Caroleo, a 25-year-old resident of Seaside Heights.

On June 27, a homicide occurred in Manchester Township.

According to authorities, the standoff on Friday lasted for seven hours and at a certain point, law enforcement officers referred to the incident as an active shooter situation.

According to the police, residents in the nearby vicinity were forced to evacuate their homes due to a potential threat. However, they have now confirmed that there is no longer any danger to the general public.

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer expressed his gratitude to the community for their patience as the situation comes to an end and assures that there is no longer any danger to the public.

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