Police report 6 people injured in a chaotic fight outside a funeral home

Authorities have reported that a fight erupted outside a funeral home in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, resulting in six individuals being injured. One person is reported to be in critical condition.

Authorities have reported that multiple reports were received by the police around 1:30 p.m. MT regarding a fight and stabbing incident at a funeral home in downtown Salt Lake City.

According to Salt Lake City Police Department spokesperson Brent Weisberg, a fight erupted, resulting in a very chaotic scene.

According to a police update, a person who is currently in critical condition was initially thought to have been shot. However, doctors have been unable to determine the cause of the injury. The individual is currently undergoing surgery as of Tuesday evening.

According to Weisberg, multiple witnesses dialed 911 to report a vehicle that may have been involved in the incident. The witnesses described the vehicle as leaving the funeral home at a high rate of speed.

According to police, the vehicle that matched the description was stopped by officers a few blocks away from the funeral home. Two individuals who were in the vehicle sustained minor injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals. Fortunately, they have already been discharged and it was determined that their injuries were not caused by stabbing or shooting incidents.

According to Weisberg, they detained a third individual for questioning.

According to Weisberg, they found a firearm inside the vehicle. He mentioned that the police are currently in the process of obtaining a search warrant for the vehicle to retrieve the weapon.

According to Weisberg, the incident took place outside the funeral home during an event that had a significant number of attendees. He mentioned that all six injured individuals were believed to be participants of the event.

According to Weisberg, detectives are currently investigating the fight to identify those involved. He described the investigation as being “very complex.”

“We are currently unable to determine the motive behind this incident, as well as the number of suspects or victims involved,” stated Weisberg.

According to police, no arrests have been made as of Tuesday evening. Additionally, authorities have stated that they are not actively searching for any other individuals in connection with the incident.

The investigation is being assisted by the Violent Crime and Robbery Squad and Gang Unit of the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Detectives.

There is currently no additional information available about the injured individuals.

According to the police, there is currently no threat to the community.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown stated that incidents like this are extremely rare in their city. He expressed his confidence in the detectives who are working diligently to uncover the motive behind the incident. Chief Brown also emphasized that based on the preliminary investigation, it has been determined that this was not a random attack.

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