Police Officer’s Use of Force Deemed Justifiable in Shooting of Knife-Wielding Man in Englewood

According to New Jersey law, a grand jury review was necessary in this case despite the fact that Placide died during an encounter with law enforcement.

According to the Attorney General, a distress call was made stating that a man armed with a knife was actively stabbing a family member inside the house. The report further mentioned that three individuals had already been wounded in the attack.

In the video, when the officers arrive at a home on West Englewood Avenue, Placide can be seen with his bedroom door partially open. He is shirtless, wearing yellow rubber cleaning gloves, and holding a knife.

Havlicek warns Placide sternly, raising his hands in a commanding gesture. “If you don’t comply, I will not hesitate to shoot,” he declares firmly, joined by Sharpe who stands by his side, their firearms aimed at the door.

Placide is repeatedly instructed by both individuals to raise his hands and then “drop the knife.” However, he does not respond.

Another officer suggests to Havlicek, “Let’s use a Taser on him.”

Havlicek exchanges his gun for a Taser and proceeds to open the door with his foot.

“Go, go!” Havlicek exclaimed, urging Sharpe to move quickly as he delivered a jolt of electricity to Placide.

Sharpe quickly moves towards Placide, who is already on the floor.

“Drop it! Drop it!” Sharpe screams in a panic as she wrestles with Placide and gets injured.

Havlicek tastes Placide once more, but he refuses to give up the knife.

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