Police at UCLA detain 25 demonstrators trying to establish pro-Palestinian campsite

On Monday night, the UCLA Police Department reported that it had apprehended roughly 25 individuals who were trying to set up a tent encampment on the university grounds in Los Angeles.

According to the police department, there are roughly 150 protesters who have remained in the area even after the arrests were made. As for those who were taken into custody, they are currently in the process of being cited and issued a 14-day stay away order from UCLA property before being released.

According to the police, a registered student organization led a group of approximately 100 protestors who marched through the campus. Later, they set up encampments in various locations without proper authorization, which was deemed unlawful.

On a loudspeaker, police issued a dispersal order warning individuals of potential fines and jail sentences if they failed to evacuate before authorities commenced with arrests.

A majority of the group relocated to a different area of the campus and attempted to establish new encampments there.

According to the authorities, the group violated the university policy by restricting access to the general public. Additionally, they caused disturbance to the nearby final exams.

According to the Daily Bruin, protesters were still on-campus past midnight when the police used pepper bullets to disperse the crowd between Bunche Hall and Perloff Hall.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators have set up large encampments on the UCLA campus, along with many other campuses throughout the United States, to demand support for Gaza and sever ties with Israel.

Demonstrators taking up outdoor space on campus prompted UCLA to clear out encampments twice.

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