Police: 4 Killed And 3 Injured In Shooting In King City, California

Four individuals lost their lives on Sunday afternoon in a tragic incident where a band of assailants unleashed gunfire outside a residential party in King City, California. The local authorities have confirmed this heartbreaking event.

According to a statement from the King City Police Department, an incident occurred on Sunday afternoon where a silver Kia arrived at a party on North 2nd Street. As the vehicle stopped, three individuals swiftly exited and proceeded to open fire on the partygoers in the front yard, discharging multiple rounds.

According to the police, the suspects fled the scene in their vehicle. They were described as wearing dark-colored clothing and had dark-colored masks covering their heads. The suspects have not been identified and are still at large.

According to the statement, the police were sent to the scene around 6 p.m.

Three men were pronounced dead outside the residence, and a woman was taken to Mee Memorial Hospital, where she died, authorities said.

Police said that three additional men were taken to Natividad Hospital in Salinas for medical treatment.

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