Photos of possible suspects in the Virginia Beach shooting that killed a Navy member have been released

After nearly a year has passed since the death of an active-duty Navy servicemember in Virginia Beach, police have exhausted all leads and are requesting the public’s assistance in solving the case  Monday, the Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) released surveillance images of the individuals who are being held in custody in connection with the shooting and death of Gabriel Martinez, 24, on December 3, 2022.

“Unfortunately, despite the diligent efforts of our detectives to secure justice for Martinez and his family, all leads have vanished, leaving the case unresolved.” “We are currently seeking assistance from the community,” the VBPD stated.

Martinez was observed exiting the Omega Bar parking lot the evening of the incident while attending a Christmas party. Police stated that he was discovered deceased in the 5800 block of Pickering Street at approximately 2:20 a.m.

Detectives are convinced that surveillance footage captured by Omega Bar also reveals the suspects exiting the parking lot.

“He had a number of items that were removed from him so at this point we don’t know why that location was where he ended up,” according to Detective Michael Koch. “It is possible that this constituted an abduction.”

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