Peter Strzok accuses Trump of using authoritarian tactics in attacks on DOJ

Peter Strzok, a former FBI counterintelligence agent, has likened former President Trump’s recent criticisms of the Department of Justice, specifically regarding the classified documents case, to the tactics employed by authoritarian leaders across the globe.

“The issue is not just that he immediately seeks to raise funds from it. The problem lies in the fact that he is adopting the tactics of authoritarian leaders around the world,” Strzok expressed in an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Witt. “He is characterizing his opponents in extreme and derogatory terms, painting them as not only out to harm him, but also to eliminate him.”

Strzok responded to the former president’s false claim in a fundraising email last week. The claim alleged that President Biden and the FBI were prepared to take him out during the search for classified records at his Mar-a-Lago estate in 2022.

The former president referred to the policy of “deadly force,” which actually restricts the use of force to only when it is deemed necessary. This policy is applied universally to all searches, including the investigation for documents at Biden’s Delaware home.

According to Strzok, Trump’s statements were completely false. He emphasized that he has heard this policy statement many times throughout his career.

Special counsel Jack Smith has urged Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over the case, to prevent former President Trump from making any statements that could potentially put law enforcement in harm’s way.

Earlier this month, Cannon decided to indefinitely postpone the case, pushing some court dates to late July. She explained that the delay was necessary to address the issue of presenting the classified documents during the trial.

Former FBI Director James Comey expressed concern over Trump’s comments, highlighting the seriousness of the situation as the former president seemingly targets justice institutions. Attorney General Merrick Garland echoed this sentiment, describing the remarks as “extremely dangerous.”

According to Strzok, Trump’s statement had a dark undertone. He believed that by normalizing such rhetoric, Trump could potentially use it as a justification to investigate and round up individuals he deems as “vermin” once he regains power.

“It is concerning to see the normalization of the notion that if the other side resorts to violence, it justifies responding with violence,” he expressed. “This trend is worrisome and needs to be halted.”

Strzok expressed his hope that Cannon, who was chosen by Trump, would address Smith’s submission and put an end to the former president’s unacceptable conduct.

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