Over 5,000 Pages Of Classified Documents Submitted In Mar-a-lago Case

Mocobizscene – In the latest ruling of the Mar-a-Lago case, the judge disclosed that prosecutors have provided former President Donald Trump’s lawyers with 5,100 pages of classified documents.

Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling provides a glimpse into the extensive collection of classified documents that Trump is accused of hoarding at his Florida estate. The exact number of pages in these documents has been challenging to determine due to the numerous sealed or heavily redacted filings in this case.

In January, it was reported by the Associated Press that FBI agents conducted a raid at Mar-a-Lago in August 2022. During this raid, approximately 33 boxes and containers were seized, some of which contained classified information.

Trump’s lawyers have been adamant about reviewing every single document that was confiscated from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, even those that are considered to be highly classified.

In multiple instances, Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith has accused Trump’s lawyers of attempting to utilize challenges in disclosing classified information as a means to postpone the trial until after the 2024 presidential election. It is worth noting that Trump is currently the leading candidate for the Republican nomination.

In her ruling on Tuesday, Cannon denied access to the classified documents for Trump’s co-accused, Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira. She supported the prosecutors’ request to restrict Nauta and De Oliveira’s personal access to the classified discovery, which currently amounts to approximately 5,100 pages.

She also concurred that they should be provided with only redacted versions of four additional sets of documents in the case.

Nauta, a Trump aide, and De Oliveira, a Mar-a-Lago maintenance worker, face accusations of surreptitiously relocating boxes containing sensitive materials within Trump’s Florida residence in order to evade detection by federal agents. They are also alleged to have conspired to erase security footage that had been requested as part of a subpoena.

Nauta and De Oliveira have entered pleas of not guilty to all federal charges brought against them, including conspiracy to obstruct justice. When contacted by Newsweek via email on Thursday, their lawyers declined to comment.

“The Special Counsel has demonstrated that Defendant Nauta and De Oliveira’s personal examination of the classified discovery materials would not contribute to their defense in a way that is ‘relevant and helpful’,” stated Cannon.

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